343i Needs More Time For Halo Infinite’s Co-op & Forge Modes + Head Of Halo Multiplayer Leaves Team!

Double Barrel Gaming

08-03-2022 • 1 hr 51 mins

Time Stamps:

01:00 Panel Intros

05:00 Halo Infinite Multiplayer Lead leaves 343i, is this a problem? More so, MANY in the community are asking for more transparency from the Halo developer, are they wrong?

40:00 Zemi Games bring his NEW Indie game Back 2 School and discusses its release date, pricng and what it took to make this educatinal title for Xbox and Steam!

1:15:00 Jeff Grubb talks E3 2022 and what to expect from Microsoft, the panel talks about our expectations for the BIG show!

1:40:00 Bethesda is working on a PvPvE "Hero Project" that invovles a "Popular Comic License", who is it? Marvel/DC/Image Comics?

1:52:00 Panel Outros and Special Message to the Community!

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