Mance Harmon CEO of Hedera Hashgraph | Fireside Chat at TF Austin | June 20, 2019

TF Podcast with Jonathan G. Blanco

27-06-2019 • 53 mins

**This episode was one of our top listened podcast of 2019**

Featuring Mance Harmon Cofounder & CEO of Hedera Hashgraph

This episode is a live recording of our TF Austin Chapter event on June 20th, 2019, a fireside chat with Mance Harmon about Hedera Hashgraph and how they went from the protocol Hashgraph to the company Hedera Hashgraph.

In this episode Mance and I discuss how Hedera Hashgraph was started, his history with cofounder Leemon Baird, how enterprises will adopt blockchain, his thoughts on the recent facebook Libra announcement, how there are some similarities to what Hedera has already done, and the announcements made earlier in the day about Hedera's consensus services

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