The Assassins of Alexandria

Amazing War Stories

Nov 13 2020 • 37 mins

On the night of the 10th November 1941 two submarines stealthily left the harbour at Alexandria and headed for Northern Libya. On board were 53 Commandos and 6 Special Boat Service operatives. Underway was one of the most audacious missions of the entire Second World War - a secret attempt to assassinate Hitler’s top General - Erwin Rommel. If they succeeded, it could alter the course of the entire conflict. To find out more about this initiative visit Have a story to tell? Email Contributors- -Colonel Nik Cavill Royal Marines Commando -Julie Miller, curator of the Combined MIlitary Services Museum For more about this episode and all of the incredible stories we have in store this series, follow us on your favourite social media platform on- Instagram @amazingwarstories Twitter @amazewarstories Episode Credits- Written & Researched by Charlie Phillips Director & Executive Producer Ed Sayer Associate Producer Lois Crompton Editor Tony Simmons Sound design & 3D mastering by Vaudeville Sound Group Learn more about your ad choices. Visit