The Night Raiders of Normandy

Amazing War Stories

Oct 22 2020 • 39 mins

In almost complete darkness, on the 27th February 1942, 120 men from the newly formed Parachute Regiment, went on a bold mission - to steal technology from a new German Radar installation that was causing heavy losses on Allied aircraft. This is the true story of 7 of the men who took part in that sensational operation. Sadly, not all of them would make it out unharmed- Let us know what you think of this week's episode- use #AmazingWarStories to join the conversation To find out more about this initiative visit Have a story to tell? Email Contributors- -Jon Baker- curator of Airborne Assault Museum & Paradata -Lieutenant Colonel Richard Lewin For more about this episode and all of the incredible stories we have in store this series, follow us on your favourite social media platform on- Instagram @amazingwarstories Twitter @amazewarstories Episode Credits- Written & Produced by Ed Sayer Executive producer Paul Wooding Associate Producer Lois Crompton Sound design & 3D mastering by Vaudeville Sound Group Learn more about your ad choices. Visit