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Curadio is about stories. Stories that make you think and drive your curiosity . These stories are not only fun, but are informative & educational - which will help you and your child understand how beautiful our world is and how it really works. and make you wonder about our beautiful world.

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What are Barnacles?
2 mins
What are Barnacles?Where does all our garbage go?The legend of Machu PicchuBaobab - The Tree of Lifeवीर अभिमन्यु (Story of Abhimanyu)How are Corals formed?Why does Saturn have rings?Why does a Cactus have thorns?Why do Crickets chirp?Why Rhinoceros is an endangered species?The Elephant’s NoseWhat was ancient Egypt like?What is a Mammal?What‘s inside Earth?What is a Black Hole?एक अनोखा मुक़ाबला (The wind challenges the sun)कहानी बाल हनुमान की (Little Hanuman and the mangoes)Kapuus and the Rain Gods - A story from AfricaAre Bats dangerous? The story of Bats - Part 1Why are Bats important? The story of Bats - Part 2