Empowering Future Stars: The Mission of STATS INC with Jack Lattanzio

What in East Dallas is Going On?!

Aug 15 2023 • 39 mins

In this episode of "What In East Dallas Is Going On?!", we dive deep into the heart of youth baseball and the growing costs that limit many young athletes' dreams. With over 25 million children taking to the diamond in 2018, the passion for the game is evident.

However, as costs rise, so do the barriers to entry. Enter STATS INC., a remarkable initiative founded by 13-year-old Jack Lattanzio. This Texas-based non-profit is leveling the playing field, providing scholarships, top-tier coaching, and team play opportunities for those who otherwise couldn't afford it.

Listen in as we discuss the positive ripple effects of this organization - from building leadership skills to boosting self-esteem, and most importantly, keeping the love of the game alive for all.

Join us for an inspiring conversation about community, sportsmanship, and the power of youth-driven change.

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