Bonus Episode S3E2 - Submerged

Big Book Energy

Feb 27 2021 • 1 hr 18 mins

Because Paige's computer ate some of our raw audio for our normally scheduled episode delaying our release, BBE decided to publish a bonus episode for everyone. Enjoy as Paige's sister Kayla joins BBE to discuss a true crime murder mystery as shown in Janice Hisle's Submerged.

Submerged: The Story of Sarah and Ryan Widmer

  • Kayla recommends checking out true crime and conspiracy podcast:Mile Higher
  • Also, take a look the Netflix true crime docuseries, Trial by Media, which features episodes focusing on court cases where the media played an especially pivotal role.
  • To learn more about Janie Hisle, check outher website.
    • You can also purchase Submerged for yourself on Amazon.

Folio Facts: did you know famous detective novelist Anne Perry was convicted of murder as a teenager? Check out the links below to learn more about her and other authors-turned-criminals.

Discussion Questions

  • Do you think Ryan Widmer is guilty?
  • Do you think it is wrong of the media to get this involved in true crime cases?
  • If you were a juror in just one of these cases, without the background info of this book or of the other trials, would your opinion change?

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