Indiana Jones with a Much Bigger Gun: Area 51

Big Book Energy

Aug 28 2021 • 19 mins

Paige needed to compensate for the discomfort brought on by reading a spicy romance novel. She went with aliens.

Area 51, by Bob Mayer

  • Learn more about the author and his books on his website.
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Paige Presents Fun with Comics: Jennifer talks Webtoon Like Wind On A Dry Branch. Click on for some plague, demons, and magic.

Creative’s Corner: For some amazing commentary content and zany original music, check out YouTuber Münecat.

Discussion Questions

  • Why did Paige pick this book?
  • What did Jennifer think of the alien insanity?
  • Do we have any more "wild" sci-fi reads to recommend?
  • Given Mayer’s military background, what do we think about the negative depiction of the military in this book?
    • Insert Jennifer talking about Stargate a lot again

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