A Nebula Finalist: Black Sun

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Apr 6 2021 • 1 hr 56 mins

Mythology & Folklore: Pre-Columbian

Resources used for general Pre-Columbian mythology:

And here is what Jennifer used in relation to Black Sun specifically:

Paige Presents Fun with Comics: This week Paige talked about New Spring, a graphic novel interpretation of Robert Jordan’s prequel to the Wheel of Time series. Unfortunately, Jennifer was not able to find this on Bookshop...but you can always look on AbeBooks!

Black Sun, Rebecca Roanhorse

Creative’s Corner: we had a guest this week! Cameron from Florida Men on Florida Man podcast joined us today to talk about their show. Cameron entertained us with some of his  fav stories on Florida Man. They have some exciting things coming up that we talk about in this episode, but make sure to check out their website for all their links and all the latest.

Discussion Questions

  • Initial thoughts on the book; did you like it?
  • What about other fantasies based in Latin or South America?
  • Nebula Awards: why do we think this was nominated? What book do we think should win?
    • We’re doing a blog series on the Nebula nominees this year! So make sure to check the blog for reviews on all the novels and novellas.

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