Sitting Down With Florida Man | S5 E2

Big Book Energy

Mar 22 2022 • 49 mins

Sitting Down With Florida Man

This week, BBE welcomes the Florida Men on Florida Man podcast back to the show. Jennifer sits down with Wayne to discuss Dave Berry’s book, Best State Ever, a heartfelt defense of his beloved state of Florida.

Episode Highlights

  • Sponges. Yes, sponges. We know, you're hooked already.
  • The Villages: your favorite quasi-dystopian retirement community.
  • When are you considered a Floridian? What about a Mainer?
  • The Skunk Ape makes an appearance, which is unsurprising given Jennifer’s Bigfoot obsession.
  • Anecdotes on alligators are shared.
  • If you're in Florida and want to go to a beautiful park with a lighthouse, check out St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge.
  • What do you think the best state ever is and why? The answers may [not] surprise you.

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