Replacing a Toxic Relationship with Faith + Financial Freedom with Heather Blankenship

CRAFTed Entrepreneur

Sep 18 2023 • 48 mins

How far can you take your business with a little faith and grit? This is the story of how one woman built a business, a family, and a lifestyle all on her own!

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Show Notes:

Take your business to the next level with your investments! This week’s special guest is Heather Blankenship, an entrepreneur and real investor who specializes in affordable housing! We’ll talk about how she went from purchasing her first property to taking fast action towards growth & success. She’ll be sharing her advice for entrepreneurs just getting started, including creative ways to bring in passive revenue while adding value to your business. These tips will help you strategically leverage your money and take the risks you need to gain full financial freedom. Don’t miss your opportunity to make your dreams come true, one actionable step at a time!

00:35 Find out how to take action fast with today’s guest, Heather Blakenship, an entrepreneur and real estate investor!

01:45 How did you decide to become an entrepreneur while being a mom?

05:35 How did you make it happen on your own?

10:45 Where does your grit come from?

12:50 What was your faith like growing up?

15:10 How has your faith guided you in decision making?

17:40 Getting started in a 2023 market.

20:25 What do you have to give up to make your dreams come true?

22:15 What holds women back the most?

24:20 Where can you find your people?

26:45 How did you take the next step?

30:10 How did you decide to go on social media?

34:40 What does your content schedule look like?

37:45 The power of leverage.

40:20 How can you set yourself up for success on your first deal?

43:55 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?