The 1 Simple Shift To Create Abundance in Every Area of Your Life

CRAFTed Entrepreneur

Aug 10 2023 • 10 mins

How to stop playing tug of war between your failures and the highest version of yourself.

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Show Notes:

One of my favorite things is coaching women and helping them unlock new levels of abundance. I was on the beach yesterday with a private client creating her wealth strategy and it got me thinking about the abundance out there for all of us. Having coached thousands of women, there are some common patterns I’ve seen over and over again. In this episode, I’m sharing the one thing that holds us back from living our vision, and the simple shift you can make to embrace abundance in every area of your life.

01:00 Are you playing tug of war with your highest self?

03:15 How to take lessons from failures and experiences to move forward.

05:00 How to experience true abundance in life and happiness.