Unlocking Your Marketing Potential: Top 5 Mistakes Revealed!

CRAFTed Entrepreneur

Jul 27 2023 • 21 mins

It’s time for Marketing 101! These are the things you need to avoid if you want to set yourself up for success!

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Show Notes:

Are you marketing yourself in the right way? In this episode, I will go over the top five mistakes you’re making in your marketing right now! We’ll dive into the best strategies for taking your business to the next level, and which ones are only holding you back. Through this, you’ll learn how to attract more of your avatar, put systems in place for success, stand out from the crowd, and more. If you want your marketing to make more money for you, this is how you can do it! Tune in for the marketing lessons you don’t want to miss!

00:25 How did I take my marketing to the next level?

01:30 Who do you need to market to?

04:40 Say the right things to the right person for the right results.

06:20 Are you asking the wrong things from your avatar?

08:25 Understanding your target.

11:15 Why do we need systems in order to achieve success?

14:35 How do you stand out?