36 Reflections On My 36 Years, PART 4

CRAFTed Entrepreneur

Jul 24 2023 • 25 mins

When we choose to do these things, we get closer to living out true abundance!

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Show Notes:

Welcome to the grand finale of my 36 lessons from 36 years of life! As I reflect back on the game changing lessons I learned over the years, I’ll share some new perspectives for you to take away. Building a personal brand, finding the right people for you to thrive, becoming your own bank, and everything in between, I’ll break down the things you need to achieve true abundance. How can you find the solution to your problems? Why should we say ‘no’ now to get to future ‘yes’s? What is the true power of seeking forgiveness? These are the lessons that unlock a truly fulfilling life, 36 years and counting!

00:30 Saying ‘no’ to get to your ‘yes’ life.

04:40 What kind of people do you need to avoid?

06:35 How can you be the bank?

09:00 How does your personal brand build community?

10:25 What is the answer to your problems?

11:15 Where should you turn to find confirmation?

17:40 A prayer for forgiveness.

20:20 Why do I always choose forgiveness?