Trusting in God's Plan For Your Life and Business with Kim Avery PART 1

CRAFTed Entrepreneur

Aug 14 2023 • 21 mins

God is the ultimate teacher, guide, coach, and business partner. In this episode, we’re talking about the power of trusting in God’s plan for you in life and business.

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Show Notes:

What would happen in your life and business if you fully let God guide you in life and business? God wants you to succeed and when we are faithful we will be fruitful. In this episode, I'm so excited to have my friend and mentor Kim Avery back on the podcast. She's an entrepreneur, author, and a coach who helps Christ centered entrepreneurs build their business as they partner with God to change the world. We dive deep into how she's built a successful coaching business that has lasted decades, the biggest mistakes that some coaches make, and we're going to talk about shifts that coaches need to make to scale to the next level. Plus, we're also going to dive in deep to the Proverbs 31 Woman and what that means. Our conversation is so good we’re breaking it into 2 episodes so you can soak in the lessons - these episodes are packed with them so you’ll want to take notes! I’d love to hear how you are partnering with Christ and allowing God to lead you in life and business. Shoot me a DM on Instagram with your favorite take away from these episodes!

00:00 The lesson that has stuck with me.

01:50 Focus on what god wants you to do in business.

03:45 Be faithful and you will be fruitful.

06:00 What does prayer time look like for you?

08:30 How did you know it was time to move from counselor to coach?

10:20 Pain is powerful when witnessed by another.

12:45 The hardest moments of her entrepreneur career.

15:00 How did you start your prayer journey?

17:20 The importance of having a prayer list.