A Peek Behind the Curtain: Breaking Down Our Monthly Expenses at Mommy Millionaire

CRAFTed Entrepreneur

Mar 30 2023 • 15 mins

How much money does it take to make money? Let’s break down the reality of scaling your business to 7 figures and beyond!

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If you’re not assessing your expenses, you’re missing out on success! Today, we’ll be taking a close look into our monthly expenses here at Mommy Millionaire so you can understand what it takes to really scale to the next level! What expenses are we investing in each month? More importantly, what makes it all worth it? Find out what it takes to be an effective CEO and make the smart decisions you need to make along the way to scale!

00:30 What is the reality of scaling to 7 figures?

03:00 How much do we spend on monthly employee and contractor salaries?

05:20 Why are ad fees worth it?

07:50 What are the expenses for email and miscellaneous softwares?

08:55 The importance of watching your expenses.

12:45 What do you need the most to be an effective CEO?