36 Reflections On My 36 Years, PART 1

CRAFTed Entrepreneur

Jul 13 2023 • 28 mins

Cash flowing assets, who I call friends, and the dreams God has gifted you. I’m sharing some lessons I wish I knew at 18.

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Show Notes:

I just celebrated my 36th birthday! Looking around at my family, my closest friends, and the life I’ve been able to build I’m filled with gratitude. As I’ve been reflecting, I want to share some lessons I’ve learned that have given me more freedom, deeper relationships, and created wealth that I used to dream about. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss an episode of this series because these are lessons I wish I knew when I was 18, and they’ve helped me create success and fulfillment in every area of my life. Which of these lessons stands out most to you? Take a screenshot of this episode and tag on Instagram!

01:15 Give what you want to receive.

02:00 What matters to you matters to God.

05:15 Focus on assets that create cash flow (+ the most valuable asset!)

08:00 Not everyone needs to be my friend.

11:00 Realistic goals lead to a realistic life.

13:40 The more discipline you build into your life the more freedom you will have.

20:00 What are the dreams God has gifted you with?

23:20 Why you NEED to stay focused on your purpose.