36 Reflections On My 36 Years, PART 3

CRAFTed Entrepreneur

Jul 20 2023 • 25 mins

Taking risks, practicing diligence, and finding the people who you were put here to help. These are 36 lessons from 36 years of life!

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Show Notes:

We’re continuing on to Part 3 of my birthday lessons! From taking the risks that matter to setting up your winning strategies, these are the important lessons for achieving your dream life. We’ll talk parenting, networking, and serving others around you to make a meaningful impact. You’ll also learn who and what you need to trust in order to see your future clearly. No matter your age, these life lessons will be your roadmap to long term success!

00:35 Will you ever regret generosity?

01:55 What does it mean to be diligent in your investing strategy?

03:30 Starting an infinite banking account.

07:05 What risk do you need to take to get you closer to your dream life?

09:50 Always go with your gut.

12:05 How do you raise independent critical thinkers?

16:40 What is your greatest protection?

18:20 Seeing your future clearly.

20:10 What needs to be your top priority?