Proof That You Don’t Have To Be A Billionaire To Have A Routine That Lights You Up

CRAFTed Entrepreneur

Feb 17 2023 • 16 mins

I recently read Dan Martell’s book, Buy Back Your Time, and it inspired me to do an audit of my routine to see where I need to be investing in things that light me up. Are you waiting to exit your business or retire so you can start enjoying your life? Tomorrow isn’t promised, which is why we all need to maximize our daily opportunities.

Once I check off the things that move the needle in my businesses, I spend the rest of my day doing life-giving tasks. For me, that’s being with my family, moving my body, and pouring into my community. I’d love to know what you’re doing to buy back your time 一 let me know in my DMs @cayla.craft!


  • What inspires me about Oprah’s daily routine
  • Where you need to focus your energy if you want to make money
  • Finding happiness in whatever job or business you’re in
  • Why I invest heavily in taking care of myself



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