36 Reflections On My 36 Years, PART 2

CRAFTed Entrepreneur

Jul 17 2023 • 25 mins

Let’s celebrate my 36th birthday by exploring the 36 lessons I’ve learned from my 36 years of life!

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Show Notes:

Today, we’re continuing with Part 2 of the lessons I’ve learned in 36 years! I’ll share 10 quick, golden nuggets you can implement in your day to day starting now. Where should you put your time and energy? Who has access to you? How can you take care of your best asset: you! I’ll be answering all of these questions and even more as I reflect back on the lessons that made  me! Don’t miss out on the important knowledge for making all your dreams happen!

00:35 Are savings always worth it?

04:55 What is the most important decision you will make?

09:40 What do you need to embrace before you get what you want?

13:05 Why is sleep so important?

14:45 Protecting your peace above all else.

17:00 What is the best act of service you can give?

18:40 Making your dreams happen with your phone.

19:35 Who has access to you?

20:25 What do you need to leverage?

21:40 How to self-direct your retirement accounts.