202: Cole Skreen from Guilty Golf

The Chasing Daylight Podcast

Jan 30 2023 • 43 mins

Episode 202

We love finding new brands in the golf space, and boy, oh boy, do we have an excellent interview for you today!

Welcome to Monday Interviews with The Chasing Daylight Podcast!

In this episode, Matt sits down with Cole Skreen from Guilty Golf. If you have not heard of Guilty Golf yet, you will soon. They are a relatively new golf company that produces and distributes unique golf grips.

Cole has a great story on how Guilty Golf came to be, which was one of the main reasons Matt wanted to get them on the show. However, after he ordered some for his wedges, he knew right away that Guilty Golf was on to something, and getting them on the Podcast was a must!

If you enjoy hearing the backstory on how companies like Guilty Golf came to be, we highly suggest you give this episode a listen. We think you'll enjoy Cole's story and how they are doing so far in the golf space.

Check out the Guilty Grips website and see what they're up to. The unique patterns and styles are eye-catching, but the grips are fantastic beyond the looks. Matt will be stocking them shortly in his shop. So if anyone in the Vegas area wants to check them out, hit him up!


We hope you all like the change to Mondays for our interviews. The Friday ones were not getting enough listens, and we feel there are some great episodes we've put out that our listenership would enjoy! So, if you're someone who enjoyed this episode and are looking forward to more of them, leave us a review and let us know how we did!


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The Las Vegas Golf Superstore
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The Las Vegas Golf Superstore
The premier retail destination for golfers in the Las Vegas Valley!

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