E28 Ashton Forbes - Is the Mystery of Flight MH370 Solved and Was It UFO Related?

Wild, Weird & Sometimes Normal

Sep 29 2023 • 1 hr 34 mins

On this episode I'm joined by Ashton Forbes. Ashton is a leading researcher into resurfaced videos showing MH370 before its actual disappearance. Videos uploaded shortly after the plane went missing in March 2014, showed something too extraordinary to believe. So extraordinary that they were largely un-scrutinized for years. With UFOs on the forefront of American news outlets, these videos have come back through with a refreshed view. And whew boy, what these videos show. Believed to be three U.S. satellite videos, show MH370 circled by three UFOs that circle the front of the plane. As they continue to circle, a portal/black hole appears in the middle of the sky sucking the plane in. Ashton and a community of researchers have studied these videos and fought off debunkers with facts, and the facts are showing, that U.S. spy satellites positioned themselves in the exact right location to catch an unbelievable event. Listen in as Ashton details what is in the videos, the process to rebuke the debunkers, and the possibilities of what happened to the plane and passengers. Big things are on the horizon for Ashton, and it was awesome that he stopped by here to chat. Give him a follow and let him know that you heard him on Wild and Weird! Enjoy the show.

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