Becoming an Elevated Entrepreneur, with Jake Kelfer

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25-10-2021 • 36 mins

Everyone’s journey is different, however what we learn from other people and their experiences can have a significant impact on our own journeys and growth as business owners.

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In this episode, Chris invites Jake Kelfer to talk about his new book, The Elevated Entrepreneur which includes 39 millionaire entrepreneurs and their secrets to success. Tune into the full episode to hear all about the book and so much more!

Episode Timestamps

  • [09:05] - The toughest part in the book writing process
  • [12:29] - A lot of entrepreneurs struggle to build relationships
  • [14:14] - It’s okay to not have all the answers
  • [22:14] - One of the stories in the book that stands out for Jake
  • [31:10] - What Jake is doing to market the book

Essential Learning Points From This Episode

  • How Jake was able to feature 39 entrepreneurs in his new book
  • The people we respect the most are the ones who tell us how it truly is
  • You get back exactly what you put in
  • Why we should learn from other people as much as possible
  • Book marketing strategies Jake is utilizing

Important Links & Mentions From This Episode

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