New episodes every two weeks. We look forward to your involvement. Please do not hesitate to write a review of any of the episodes; tell your friends about our show; if you have an idea for a segment on the shows, these are always welcome; you may visit our website ( and even purchase merchandise; we give away for free the Mensch cap and the Schmuck shorts to anyone who participates in our shows; and you may always subscribe to any of our social media platforms.The Schmuck & Schmuck Talk Show requires an open mind. The topics might offend some folks; nevertheless, we plan on tackling subjects like race, immigration, politics, environment, business, and religion; some sports, entertainment might be in the mix. And we will be giving out rewards; for now, MENSCH & SCHMUCK, and some day in the future, hopefully, SCHLEP. So don't be a schmuck unless that's your nature and check us out.Mark & Edward, two Jewish-American schmucks who are willing and certainly able to co-host, guest star or appear on any talk show that is willing to stomach our pickled humor.