Episode 31 - Peat "Eyez" Wollaeger (Street Artist)

Speak Up St. Louis

16-05-2021 • 1 hr 2 mins

Peat Wollaeger is a legendary St. Louis Street Artist. Most known for the "St. Louis Eye", you can see Peat's beautiful murals on buildings all over St. Louis (and the world).

In this episode Peat discusses his journey as an artist, the origins of Street Art, it's culture in St. Louis, and the deeper meaning behind his Eyez. We also discuss prospects for Cement Land.

Eye'm sure you'll be inspired by this conversation with one of the GREAT St. Louis Artists out here doing it! Thanks to Peat for putting St. Louis on the map for Street Art, and opening our Eyez to the beauty and potential that exists in our Streets.


Watch Peat's TED Talk