The Long Walk Up

Ross Williams

This is a Podcast to capture the real world reflections of Physical Educator's and Sports coaches implementing child centered approaches to learning.

Hosted by Physical education teachers, Dan Lycett and Ross Williams from a Cabin in North wales.

The podcast aims to openly share practice and challenges as they arise in an attempt to support others in becoming Agents of change in their environments.

Some Topic's we cover:

  • Supporting self-directed learning
  • Implementing Non-linear approaches to education
  • Exploring Child centered approaches
  • Plus many more ramblings from the minds of two dyslexic PE teachers who want to make a difference.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Learning meetings
Sep 29 2023
Learning meetings
In This third episode of the Long walk up Dan and Ross discuss the concept of learning meetings and how they will play a crucial part in supporting students in a self-directed learning approach. During the episode share their reflections of what its been like working with individuals through learning meetings, the genuine value and importance of supporting student autonomy as well as..What Are learning meetings?How do we Use learning meetings to formulate learning agreements and create accountability. Some examples of stuff that we have noticed in our early learning meetingsRoss shares some honest reflections around being challenged at time Dan and Ross both share their excitement and some challenges they may face in our quick fire questions at the end.As promised In the episode bellow are an example of the questions we are using the frame our learning meetings:1. What Have been the experiences in this topic so far that could support your learning presentation? 2. What are you currently doing to support your understanding of this topic? 3. What would you like to produce for your learning presentation? 4. How will I produce this and who could support me? 5. What will be the biggest challenge for me coming up? As always we welcome any questions or feedback and you can find us both on twitter at:Ross - - linked in at:Ross Williams and Dan Lycett.Till next time, Thanks for listening! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.