How to close a sale: A powerful yet proven 2 step process

Predictable B2B Success

29-12-2020 • 44 mins

In this episode, James Muir, founder and CEO of Best Practice International and bestselling author of "The Perfect Close" shares his perspective on how to close a sale via a proven yet powerful process. Insights he shares include:

  • What is closing in a sales context
  • Why mindset is key
  • Understanding what you can and can’t control in the sales space
  • Definition of the terms - closing, advance, and continuation
  • The importance of intent over technique
  • Why is the critical advance important in B2B sales
  • What is the perfect close and the science behind it
  • Explore planning and what it means in a sales meeting context
  • How to set meeting objectives
  • How to provide value in a meeting and plan the next encounter
  • How to collaborate with your prospects on the next steps
  • The secret weapon that salespeople don’t realize they have
  • 3 questions you should ask to put your core planning to the test
  • How James provides value to clients (with examples)
  • and much more