Shattered to Unbreakable: The Reclaim Podcast

03-01-2023 • 21 mins

I know exactly who the meanest person in your life is. Do you?

When researching a color palette and design for my Reclaim company and journal, I came across a quote that was written over a dark background with a beautiful, shiny gold crack throughout.

It said, “You are more beautiful because you were broken.”

It was definitely a divine puzzle piece in the Reclaim mission statement, and I knew right then that the Japanese art of Kintsugi would play a role in this new endeavor.

Kintsugi artwork has a deep meaning - do not try to hide your brokenness, or discard what has been broken, but instead use that brokenness to accentuate the unique beauty that is now unlike any other.

Let me guess, you have a piece of your inner self that feels broken. How do I know this? Because there isn’t a grown person on this planet who doesn’t.

Here is what’s happening. You are trying to hide it. You are trying to pretend you were never broken for fear that someone might actually see those cracks and call you worthless.

The reality is… you are the only one who is judging you for your cracks.

I’ll say that again… you are the only one who is judging you for your cracks.

You are the meanest person in your life, aren’t you?

What’s the meanest thing you say to yourself each day?

Wow! Would you say that to your 6-year-old self, smiling in that tutu dancing in the mirror?

I bet you wouldn’t. What would you say to her? How would you say it?

This episode is packed with the tips that I used to change my self-talk for GOOD and start treating my inner child like the beautiful, capable, talented, and extremely valued and unique young lady that she is.

It’s time to stop causing cracks in your bowl and start mending them with gold luster.

Stay Sparkly My Friends!

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