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Shattered to Unbreakable: The Reclaim Podcast

06-12-2022 • 19 mins

Hey there, Sweet Sister! It’s me, Brandi. I was just thinkin…

The scariest question that ever popped into my head was “Why am I here?”

Have you ever felt so lost? Like you didn’t know your purpose or how to find it?

If you don’t know your purpose or at least a direction to go in, life gets really confusing. You get so busy doing all of the things you THINK you should be doing and then one day you find yourself busy, exhausted and completely unfulfilled.

This was me. My situation was a little different but maybe some of you can relate. I thought I knew my purpose… until I started a family.

When I became a wife and a mom, I completely lost my identity. I won’t get into ALL the reasons why I ended up as lost as I did, but I CAN tell you that when I finally realized my purpose, EVERYTHING changed!!!

I want to emphasize the EVERYTHING part!

Before I found my true purpose and passion, I was a ghost of a person. Just going through the motions, doing the things I thought I should be doing to keep up the illusion that I was ok.

When I actually woke up, found my purpose and became aligned with it… WOW! I like to say that my kids finally got to meet their “real mom!”

And it was solidified when my mom AND one of my best friends from childhood started crying and said, “We got our Brandi back!”

If you are feeling lost, confused, exhausted, and empty, this podcast is for you.

As a Life and Mindset Coach, it’s nearly impossible to coach someone who doesn’t know their purpose. So I have two main exercises that draws it out so that we can really begin aligning the rest of their life with their true identity!

I’m revealing these strategies today! I cannot wait to see what it “SPARKS” in you!

Just a disclaimer, this podcast is my opinion only and doesn’t reflect the ideas or opinions of…. the rest of the world! LOL! So take it as it is, the opinion of a sister of yours that cares deeply about the way you see yourself!

I will be challenging some thoughts and ideas of the mainstream media and my hope is to clear up the confusion and help YOU heal for real and Reclaim Your Sparkle!

I want to help you to move from Shattered To Unbreakable by replacing comparison with self-discovery, creating a compounding culture of authentic self-respect!

I’m so excited to connect with you here on this podcast!

Let’s Talk!

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