The Dr. Julio C Caba Empowering humans podcast!

Dr. Julio C Caba

My name is Dr. Julio C Caba an award winning speaker, life coach, business coach, author, owner of Change M.F.C.R, inc, and Change Coaching center. As an award winning speaker and coach I have seen how powerful people really are! This is why our podcast was born! To bring powerful stories and powerful people to you! We sit down with business owners, entertainers, professionals, and more  to have positive conversations to empower you! Talking about things we all face, want to be, and can become! Self development is all about learning and we aim to teach!  All dreams are possible and we hope to bring to you a spark that can help ignite the road to your success. From mental health to motivation, from business to powerful stories, and everything in between  our purpose is to empower you! Helping  you by interviewing people with  powerful stories of success and  sharing knowledge that will help you through your path of success. The podcast will have valuable information about hope, motivation, business, life strategies, health, and more.

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