The Resilient Imprint Podcast

Chrissy - The Resilient Imprint│Chain Breaker, Overcomer & Life Conqueror

The Resilient Imprint Podcast is inspired by my personal story of resilience. Some of my experiences are surviving the foster care system, unimaginable betrayal and abuse by adults entrusted with my care, even juvenile incarceration for serious crimes I didn’t commit. My childhood was the epitome of trauma, rejection and at times deep sorrow, but my fighting spirit was fueled by the words of those who poured into me during my darkest times. When reflecting on my wellness journey, I realized not everyone who faces hardship receives words of encouragement, or an emotional applause to keep focused on the finish line. The purpose of this platform is to share bite-sized pieces of my experiences, and how choosing to see the silver lining cracking through the tough times empowers you to defy the odds. Let’s imprint resiliency into our lives together, and I hope a couple of laughs, one episode at a time. And if you haven’t been told just know - you do matter, you are worthy, and you do belong! Instagram: @theresilientimprint read less