The family business ft. Akash & Aadhar Khurana

Unscripted with Akarsh Khurana

Nov 30 2023 • 56 mins

Discussing familial dynamics, the theatre world, and meaningful career advice! In this episode, Akarsh Khurana engages in a friendly, reflective conversation with his father Akash and brother, Aadhar discussing their relationship as theatre artists.

The conversation traverses the duality of their roles as family and colleagues, exploring the balance between personal and professional dynamics. They also share their views on the recent evolution in the theatre world, attributing shifting audience sensibilities to changes in performance style and content.

They elaborate on their respective journeys in the theatre world. The episode concludes by sharing some valuable advice for those seeking to build a meaningful theatre career, emphasising commitment and passion for the craft.

An episode you just shouldn't miss.