God and the Paranormal

Suzanne & John

A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE on ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, cryptids, demons, angels, psychics, magic, miracles, and other paranormal high strangeness.

Why a Christian podcast about stranger things? Yes, there are many crucial topics for us to ponder and engage, such as evangelism, sanctification, outreach, and discipleship. However, there are often situations in which less important side issues sneak up from behind and bite the more important ones. Although the supernatural is just one component among many others in a biblical worldview, it's becoming increasingly evident that unbiblical paranormal beliefs are significantly altering the worldviews of our society and of many Bible-believing Christians. The pop-culture paranormal makes people question what they've believed to be true, which ultimately leads many to question the integrity of God's Word. Worldview matters, and when worldviews change, there will be tangible consequences to evangelism, discipleship, and faith in general. "God and the Paranormal" takes an in-depth look at what "experiencers" claim and how the phenomena interact with scriptural truth.

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