SHK-28: ”Pro Tips for the Simple Athlete” with Dr. Kevin Sprouse

Stay Healthy Knoxville

Oct 11 2021 • 53 mins

Do you enjoy competing in activities such as tennis, pickleball, golf, hiking, road races and more? Here at Simply Physio, we like to call those that are active and health minded "The Simple Athlete."

In this podcast, I sit down with Dr. Kevin Sprouse, owner of Podium Sports Medicine, and discuss some pro tips for the "simple athlete." Dr. Sprouse works with elite and professional athletes and business professionals in numerous sports and disciplines. On the podcast, Dr. Sprouse provides his knowledge of what he has learned as an expert in sports performance medicine, exercise, diet, and recovery. We talk about the value and importance of sleep, nutrition, and movement and the effects they have on your body.

If you or someone you know is what we call a "simple athlete," I encourage you to listen to this episode!

Listen here to find out:

  • Dr. Sprouse #1 place to start when evaluating your health
  • Why blood glucose monitoring is important and how it affects your health
  • A simple trick to help determine the quality of the food you eat
  • The top health tracking "wearables" that he uses with his every day clients
  • and so much more...

If you're interested in Dr. Sprouse's practice model, or being a potential client, you can visit their website HERE, or you can directly call their office at (865) 247-5941.

Thanks for listening and Stay Healthy Knoxville!

Dr. John-Mark