Facing Autonomy

Zara Richter and Sher Ali Khan

Sher Ali Khan and Zara Richter have formed this project named "Facing Autonomy" as a combination of Marxist author CLR James and the global movement most well known for originating in Italy named Autonomist Marxism. Specifically Facing Autonomy is a leftist blog and podcast in honor of American-British author CLR James and his mid twentieth century combination of anti-racist politics, Trotskyist deviationism and Anarchist or Council Communist approaches. James' work in many parts of his life represents the wide swath of leftist political approaches used in the American and European 20th Century. In addition to James, Autonomist Marxists from Italy, such as Mario Tronti, Antonio Negri and Sylvia Frederici, among others, have been key in exposing the failures and limits of traditional forms of marxist, anarchist and liberal organizing which attempt to sway the working class through a vanguardist organizational sensibility that institutes a divide between organizational leadership and the rank and file. Facing Autonomy takes on all of these questions in our blogs and podcasts on a weekly basis! Feel free to email us or tune in to expand your notion of how the organized left can connect to the freely expressive workers whose autonomy is always manifesting in differing forms. read less