PART TWO: Potter, Conte & A New Manager Bounce - How important is the manager?

The Athletic Football Tactics Podcast

Mar 10 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

In part two of our investigation into the state of PL management, Ali, Michael, Mark and Liam ask how important is a manager and if we can ever prove definitively whether a manager is good or bad? The Athletic's tactics team explore the evolution of the manager's position from arranging the team's transportation to setting pressing traps! How much can a Premier League manager impact a team and are we able to actually predict whether a new manager will be a 'good fit' for a particular football club using A.I.? Plus, the panel embark on some myth-busting involving the 'new manager bounce' and if every manager simply deserves 'more time'. Produced by Adonis Pratsides Learn more about your ad choices. Visit