12. Aligning Teams with Revenue Operations

The Dirt

31-05-2022 • 52 mins

The quest for success is why you became a founder. But getting there is a whole different story. On this episode, CongruentX’s CEO, Chuck Ingram, joins Jim Barnish to discuss their frameworks for success by helping others succeed, and grow in their own businesses.

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is one of those key frameworks, allowing businesses to align individual teams (sales, marketing, etc.) with the same goals and toolsets. RevOps provides solutions to challenges that arise from having siloed teams using the tools and foresight to keep the end goal of revenue growth top of mind across the organization.

And it's not enough to just grow your business. With the right frameworks, do more than achieve X for X dollars per hour – multiply your value.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Revenue Operations is an integral part of any business that wants to accelerate growth through its combination of analytics, processes and enabling the teams that drive revenue.
  • Think beyond the limits of X value per hour. With the right people and frameworks, magnify your clients’ value–and yours–in the process.
  • Serve your teams well and they will serve your clients well. Help achieve what your clients want, and the people who help your clients [the team], and you will be successful.



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Chuck Ingram, founder and CEO of CongruentX, is one of the most genuine and creative Revenue Operations leaders. After earning his stripes at major tech companies like Microsoft and HP, he built an incredible RevOps practice at TriBridge, a high growth tech company that had a 9 figure exit. In 2020 he used this wealth of knowledge to start his own tech consulting firm, once again focused on the world of RevOps.