21. Using Technology to Manage Red Tape At Scale

The Dirt

09-08-2022 • 30 mins

There is so much legal red tape and waiting around for attorneys to approve or clarify documents in business. Is it possible to speed up the process and meet those demands more efficiently? Charles Brecque founded Legislate to do exactly that. Developing new technology in the legal tech space, his company’s contract software manages contract data at scale.

With a background in machine learning and engineering, Charles knew there was a need for more efficient legal contracting. In this episode, Jim Barnish and Charles explore the lessons he has learned as a young, solo founder building a company for the first time with new technology. They also discuss the value of SEO and web content, and why learning to write is vital in all aspects of business.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Focus on your customer’s core needs. Avoid distractions and headaches and deliver what they really want.
  • SEO is powerful when you focus on the reader, which can turn into customers. Google search console is a great tool to see metrics that help you optimize content.
  • Learn to write. It will improve your own understanding of what you really do (and the problem you’re solving), and help you better explain it to others so you can find the customers who need your product.


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About Charles Brecque

Charles is the founder & CEO of Legislate, a legal tech company he started in April 2020 in Oxford, UK to make contracts machine readable using patented knowledge graph technology. Before founding Legislate, he brought Machine Learning solutions to market for three years at Mind Foundry, a spin-out from the University of Oxford. He is a graduate of the École Centrale de Lyon.