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06-09-2022 • 32 mins

Dan Clark, CEO of Brain.fm, joins Jim Barnish on this episode to deep dive into operations and what it takes to align teams to the same objectives. At Brain.fm they combine everyone’s love of music with neuroscience, their goal: helping you hit your flow state faster to achieve more.

Your objectives as the founder or the business may not be the same as your employees, because everyone has different motivations. The key is fusing the strengths of those different motivations to grow together.

Having goals is important, but you need to ensure you can break them down into actionable steps and time frames. Goals are often used as a pass/fail system, but there is something to be said for switching your focus to progress. Are you 1% better than you were yesterday? Will you strive to sell more next week than you did last week?

Key Takeaways

  • Everyone in your organization does not need to have the same motivations. Align company objectives to personal goals (e.g. job security) to see the team flourish.
  • Ensure that your KPIs are tracking what you really want. Your employees should be satisfied where they are, but not complacent. Ideally they are working well at the edge of their skill set.
  • Goals are important, but maybe not as important as progress. Are you better today than you were yesterday? Are you increasing profitability more this quarter than last? Consistent progress is key.

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Dan’s email: dan@brain.fm

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The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by Jim Dethmer, et al.

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Dan Clark is an entrepreneur at the intersection of technology and mental wellness. After joining Brain.fm as head of engineering, he bought out the company from its original founders and now leads it as CEO. Brain.fm combines everyone’s love of music with neuroscience, creating music to help enable you to be your best self.