10. Every Champion Coach Pushes Us To Achieve Uncommon Greatness

The Dirt

17-05-2022 • 51 mins

The best athletes in the world directly link their performance to their personal growth. Why don’t we all think about our lives like this? For Jim Barnish, changing his perspective with the help of a mentor transformed his work as a founder, a transformation that surfaced as he focused on his personal development. This resulted in heightened business growth and strategy. Today, Jim invites that mentor to The Dirt: executive coach and former NFL executive, Mike Smith.

We are so focused on success in business that we often forget to be human. Founders are especially prone to that constant grind and it limits their view. Mike shares his perspective that taking care of our mental and physical health will lead to a “clearer view of the field.”

Your work could be transformed by regular feedback from a coach who can help you improve–every day. Just as how athletes receive immediate coaching, quick correction and feedback results in improved practice and performance at work, and this can’t come in the form of a yearly or six-month review.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Personal development is just as vital to your business success as business development. Stop grinding away and nurture your mental and physical health.
  • Coaching is invaluable not just in sports, but in everyday life. Mentors can help you course correct and provide a broader view of how to achieve what you want.
  • Be more curious and open, but also develop resilience. Expect receiving honest, regular feedback to be tough but well worth it.


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Mike Smith is the founder of Huddle Advisory, a firm that guides performance for leaders and teams. Previously, he spent nearly two decades with the NFL, transforming the talent function in an executive role. Before shifting to the NFL, he worked as an executive and finance consultant at NBC.