Maunika Gowardhan

NoSugarCoat with Pooja Dhingra

Oct 14 2018 • 37 mins

  • 1 self-taught cook
  • Some kharvas
  • A private yacht
  • A beagle
  • 8 attempts at the perfect pulao
  • Stir with Jamie Oliver
  • Garnish with tons of dhaniya
  • A dollop of pineapple chutney
  • Served with homemade prawn pickle on the side

This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja talks to chef and writer Maunika Gowardhan. Based in the UK, Maunika specialises in authentic indian cuisine and her cookbook Indian Kitchen is a bestseller. Even Mindy Kaling loves it!


You can follow Maunika at @cookinacury and Pooja at @Poojadhingra

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