161 To Chicago and Back

The Bulgarian History Podcast

31-05-2022 • 22 mins

This episode covers the journey of Aleko Konstantinov to the Grand Columbian Exhibition, giving a glimpse into life, travel, and how Bulgaria showed itself abroad in 1893. Then, we cover another set of constitutional changes pushed by Stefan Stambolov to cement his power. But with his political strength fading, will it be enough? You can register for the Intelligent Speech Conference here with promo code "Bulgaria" www.intelligentspeechconference.com/product…g-2021/ Supporters like you make this podcast happen! Check out www.patreon.com/bulgarianhistorypodcast to see the great perks you can get for supporting us. You can find images for this episode at: www.bghistorypodcast.com/post/161-to-chicago-and-back