“Jenny-Burnt-Tail” by Huskyteer (read by the author)

The Voice of Dog

25-10-2021 • 30 mins

Captain ffox tells his men a ghost story from his cubhood, to distract them from the very real horrors of the Western Front.

Today’s story is “Jenny-Burnt-Tail”, written and read for you by Huskyteer, originally published in Trick or Treat 2: Historical Halloween from Rabbit Valley, and you can find more of her stories at huskyteer.co.uk.

Much has been said of the horrors of war, and much, no doubt, remains to be said. Yet there are other horrors than war. And so tonight for your consideration, a tale of a tale called Jenny-Burnt-Tail. A comparison, perhaps a contrast, perhaps a choice, though that choice is left to you… on the Ghost of Dog.