The Journey From Buyer to Brand With Tuyyo Founder Stefanie Garcia Turner

CPG Troublemakers

Apr 10 2023 • 46 mins

Stefanie Garcia Turner is the Founder and CEO of Tuyyo, a modern line of Latin-American foods and beverages consisting of real ingredients. Stefanie’s inspiration behind her brand is rooted in the foods she grew up with and her passion for natural foods. As a former forager for Whole Foods, Stefanie has worked with several emerging brands, learning both the good and the bad sides of food retail.

In this episode…

As a food consumer, have you ever wished or wanted to make changes to some of your favorite food products? Maybe you’re loyal to a certain brand, but you would prefer it to have healthier ingredients. Or, maybe you just want to put a different spin on it because times have changed.

As a consumer shopping in some of her favorite Hispanic food stores, business leader Stefanie Garcia Turner noticed not much had changed in that market since her time shopping for Latin foods as a child. Wanting better food options for the people in her culture, Stefanie realized there was room for healthier and more modern changes in the Latin food market. Instead of waiting for someone else to make changes, she stepped up to the challenge.

In this episode of the CPG Troublemakers, host Steve Gaither chats with the Founder and CEO of Tuyyo, Stefanie Garcia Turner. As a former culinary school student, holding a BS in restaurant and food service management, Stefanie discusses her passion for food. Along with her career journey with Whole Foods, she shares some common mistakes made by emerging brand founders, what inspired her to start Tuyyo, and how to persuade consumers to purchase your food products.