Footprint of Fun, Individuality and Unapologetic Success: Nicki Hoyne

Tech Powered Luxury

Apr 24 2023 • 59 mins

Personality driven and sustainability plastered all over the collections, Nicki epitomises the art of leading your own league. From Irish Kilkenny to London, Nicki candidly celebrates her spirit of being different, charting her own course. A larger than classroom student with affinity for magic, business driven Nicki took a deep learning curve with her entrepreneurship course after completing theatre school. Briefly after, Nicki did marketing jobs in London to immerse in the idea of starting her own business. Nicki's footwear brand, 'My Shinning Armour' opened the doors to redolent characters of Nicki's personality: go getter, unabashed love for fashion and believing in yourself underpinned with the one motto, slow fashion. With two limited edition collections every year, Nicki morphed her success story by adding her own name to the business, 'The Nicki Hoyne Collection' with 6 handbags only collection.

One unique language. A statement beginning. Structured marketing embedded with digital first strategies, reverent range of never seen before bags, Niki's business glorified for its bespoke roaster of clientele and unwavering commitment to slow fashion. Today, Nicki is a #3 times IMAGE business nominee, award winning designer and a undisputed fashion from Ireland.

Discover the maximalism of a self-made story of sustainable fashion business, remnants of past that build a story of future and how art is more than what meets the eye with another Ireland native and our co-founder, Ashley McDonnell.

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