S10E5: Create a Solid Foundation as a Chiropractic Student

Legendary Chiropractor Podcast

Aug 9 2021 • 13 mins

Chiropractic Conversations with Dr. Johnny on the Legendary Chiropractor Podcast! This episode we are diving into...Creating a Solid Foundation as a Chiropractic Student Having a connection of doctors that you can bounce ideas off of and shadow are priceless opportunities to grow especially if your planning to open up on your own, associate, or not sure which is best for your situation: •Your network is your net worth •Relationship capitol in chiropractic goes a far way •Be a student of your own craft 🙏 BIG thanks to all of our show sponsors! Claim your free goodies here: LegendaryChiro.com/sponsors 🚀 ChiroPair has officially launched!! The first and only chiropractic-specific mobile app to find and post jobs: ChiroPair.com New episode EVERY Monday morning at 5:30am Central! *3:30am Pacific, 4:30am Mountain, 6:30am Eastern

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