मुंबईची कहाणी बंदर, बोंबील आणि जहाजबांधणी (Bombay Ducks, Bombay Docks) - Marathi Stories for Kids - Pratham Books

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01-12-2022 • 9 mins

It’s raining and there’s not much one can do outdoors. Come and listen to Aaji’s story about the Kolis, the original inhabitants of Bombay, their favourite fish Bombay Duck and the city’s magnificent docks.

Original story Bombay Ducks, Bombay Docks by Pratham Books, Written by Fleur D'Souza, Illustrated by Kripa B, Translated by Sai Keskar

Narrated by Asawari Doshi

Source: मुंबईची कहाणी बंदर, बोंबील आणि जहाजबांधणी on Storyweaver

Story's Video : https://youtu.be/U0Yv7w64KzE

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