नानम्माल आणि कमलतलचा समुद्रप्रवास (Nanammal and Kamalathal Travel by Sea) - Marathi Stories for Kids - Pratham Books

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22-12-2022 • 5 mins

Nanammal and Kamalathal love to travel. In fact, they are birdwatching along the Kerala backwaters now. Can they spot the willow warbler? Explore different modes of transport with the two friends.

Original story Nanammal and Kamalathal Travel by Sea by Pratham Books, Written by Menaka Raman, Illustrated by Sushant Ahire, Translated by Neeta Kulkarni

Narrated by Asawari Doshi

Source: नानम्माल आणि कमलतलचा समुद्रप्रवास on Storyweaver

Story's Video : https://youtu.be/9yjt7fX45OQ

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