एक-एक मिनट का हिसाब (Every Minute Counts) - Hindi Stories for Kids - Pratham Books

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26-12-2022 • 6 mins

Adil has a full hour to get ready and walk to school. But he is late every day! Where is he losing time? His friend Paro decides to help him account for every minute of the hour.

Original story Every Minute Counts by Pratham Books, Written by Shabnam Minwalla and Shabnam Minwalla, Illustrated by Shaheen Sheriff, Translated by Abhilasha Saksena

Narrated by Asawari Doshi

Hindi poem - Sushil Shukla

Source: एक-एक मिनट का हिसाब on StoryWeaver

Story's Video : https://youtu.be/EaWUucSCz9s

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