57 - The Crazy World of Luxury Watch Brands

The 30 Minute CMO

Dec 6 2022 • 1 hr 3 mins

There are few markets that are as irrational and as driven by perception, branding, ego and ambition as the world of luxury watches. What makes people go crazy for certain Rolexes and Omegas? How do brands manage to differentiate themselves in a time when their products can often feel like relics of a bygone era? And what fuels the insane secondary market where some time pieces can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars, simply because they are from a certain era? To help us figure all of this out, we invited a long time friend and listener, and a luxury watch aficionado, Daniel Ross to our show. We hope that you enjoy this episode and our new format. Please follow us on Instagram @30MinuteCMO and visit our website at www.30minuteCMO.com. Hosted by Gosha Khuchua and Alex McNamara